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Below are a variety of ads, articles and videos documenting the Saab 99 Turbo (and a few others thrown in for your enjoyment). Click on the images to view an enlargement. When available, there are also links to download a high resolution PDF so you can read the items in detail.

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Saab Soundings, Volume 19
Racing for a Big Win (PDF: 605 kb)

Saab Soundings, Volume 19
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (PDF: 398 kb)

Road Test
Saab Turbo (PDF: 775 kb)
Hello blower, bye-bye boredom. Car and Driver, October 1977 (part of the cover story: New Cars '78)
Note: the 1977 test car used this article is in our Registry:
1977 Test Fleet Saab #993

It was recently sold and hopefully we'll get an update soon of restoration progress.

Sweden 1978-1980 Saab 99 Turbo (PDF: 5.6MB)

More Current Saab 99 Turbo Articles

"Why I Want an Old Saab" - Edmunds Daily, July 5, 2007.

Other Saab Ads

Bored people build bad cars. Thats why we're doing away with the assembly line. (PDF: 2.3MB)

SAAB engineers don't take safety lightly. Don't you! (PDF: 2.3MB)


Swedish TV Ad for 1978 Saab 99

It's not a turbo but I thought it was worth sharing anyway.

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Billy Graham
Rocklin, CA is dedicated to Billy Graham, a young man who captured the passion of Saab owners. He certainly embodied our belief that SAABs are
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