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Angelo Aristo

Angelo's AutoMedix (formerly Classic Import Service)
2668 Hartnell Ave.
Redding, CA, USA
(530) 221-3653

I don't know why Angelo doesn't list Saabs on his website. He has worked on all of my Saabs since about 2001 and he has been the best I've found, even over shops who specialize in Saabs. Probably because he's been around since 1972 and worked on Saab 99 Turbos when they were new. You can tell he loves what he does. He always takes the time to explain what he's found and what's been done. I had never owned a 99 turbo before so I was not even aware it was considerably down on power when I bought it. Angelo caught a number of issues and the difference after I picked it up was incredible. Highly recommend Angelo if you're anywhere near Northern California.

Submitted by Kurt Hoffmann

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