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Car Details

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Michael Adams

  • City: McIntire
  • State: IA
  • VIN: 99781021636
  • Model Year: 1978
  • Build Date: Apr/1978
  • Mileage: 178,000 miles (286,463 kilometers)
  • Color: White
  • Original Owner: No
  • Owner Since: 2008
  • Running: Yes
  • Current Use: In Restoration

Engine wise car runs great with no major leaks. Body wise it is a little rough around the edges but is a work in progress while still driving and enjoying the car. The main point is that there is zero structural rust. Just some surface rust currently which is getting stopped from spreading for now. Interior is in decent shap with the driver's seat having the most wear while the rest is in very good condition.


I picked the car up mid-summer 2008 from Taliaferro Imports in Springfield, Missouri. The car didn't run when I picked it up but after about 3 months, a complete CIS system out of an 83 900 Turbo, new filters, and a cleaned gas tank the car was running on Thanksgiving Day. Currently the car is running very strong and drives down the road very good. For the body the car was originally Grey but early on it was repainted White. Right now I've currently scrubbed the body down to get the tree mold off and working on stopping what little surface rust there is on the car. My plans are to get the car to the point where I can drive and enjoy it for now. Later my plans are to tear the car down and media blast the whole thing for a good re-paint. Still haven't decided if the car will go back to grey or if it will stay white.