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Car Details

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Linnea Krajewski

  • City: Newton
  • State: NH
  • VIN: 99771031774
  • Model Year: 1977
  • Mileage: 102,000 miles (164,153 kilometers)
  • Color: Red
  • Original Owner: No
  • Owner Since: 2004
  • Running: No
  • Current Use: In Restoration

Emma's not running yet, but I hope to have her up on her wheels by the end of the year. She has water injection and air shocks in the rear. I plan to restore the water injection and the air suspension as well. Clothed in faded Cardinal Red with SAAB TURBO graphics, Emma has black Minilites and E-code headlamps. The body's not in bad shape (better shape than my '78 99 Turbo) but will need some attention. Interior is pretty shabby as well, but with some time and effort, she'll look like the grande dame that she is!


Emma came to America in October of 1977 as part of the test car fleet. She was in the care of Norm Card, the head of the technical department of Saab-Scania at the time. When Saab was done with her, she was sold to Art Huddle, a tech at Wigwam Saab in North Providence, RI. From there, we're not sure where she went, but sometime in the late '90's, she ended up with Mike Nolin, a Saab guy from Uxbridge, Mass. Nolin was planning to restore her, but ran out of time, money and room as he was restoring an EMS and creating a V8 99. Nolin mentioned to my friend and fleet manager, Mike Connelly of ConnTech Automotive that he wanted Emma to go to a good Saab home where she would be restored and given plenty of care. The first person Mike thought of as Emma's saviour was me, and Emma came to live with me in 2004. We should have in into the shop before the end of the summer, and hopefully will have her back up on her wheels before the snow flies.

Personal Notes

One of three 99s in my fleet of eight (yes, 8. It's a sickness) Saabs. I also have a '78 Turbo(Emmy) and a '77 GL five door (Cocoa).