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  • City: nottingham
  • State: nottinghamshire
  • Model Year: 1980
  • Mileage: 173,000 miles (278,417 kilometers)
  • Color: Red
  • Original Owner: No
  • Owner Since: 2011
  • Running: Yes
  • Current Use: In Restoration

fair overall,just got it today so i've lots to look at.the worst point's are it needs welding & i think the clutch slave cyl is no on the road for 3months & i've had a few problems , ingluding changing the turbo (twice) now running a mitzi te05 , more welding, handbrake issues , bad injector & split fuel line , to name a few.all's going well now tho i expect a few more issues as the miles go up.i love it..


my car was owend by the same guy from when it was 2years old till his death some 6 years ago.his son's did'nt want it ,so it stood unloved outside for 4 years.then the guy i bought it from bought it but had to many issues wit it to put it reliably back on the road , so it again stood outside for 18months before i bought it & made it live again (a 1month turn around for me with most of the work being done on my drive).f.m.i.c. next