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Car Details

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Bill McCafferty

  • City: Durham
  • State: Durham
  • Model Year: 1980
  • Build Date: Feb/1980
  • Mileage: 135,000 miles (217,261 kilometers)
  • Color: Red
  • Original Owner: Yes
  • Owner Since: 1980
  • Running: Yes
  • Current Use: Driven Weekly

Original condition with no restoration. Chassis sound and car requires some attention to wheel arches, although the bulk of the bodywork is in very good condition.


I have owned he car from new and after use as my primary transport and then regular use by my Wife, the car was parked in my garage for 15 years. After very little attention, which comprised oil and filter change; petrol drainage and replacement; fuel lines cleaned; new brake discs and pads, the car passed its MOT and was back on the road, much to the joy of my Son, who had his first ever journey in this car when he was 5 days old! He then spent the new post MOT period driving the car for over 1500 miles, with very little problems.