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  • City: Öjersjö
  • State: Gothenburg
  • VIN: 99771029193
  • Model Year: 1977
  • Build Date: Mar/1977
  • Mileage: 100,478 miles (161,704 kilometers)
  • Color: Cardinal red
  • Original Owner: Yes
  • Owner Since: 1979
  • Running: Yes
  • Current Use: In Restoration

Currently in restoration, fuel pump,ceiling mainly.
Also looking for the catalyst, Lambdasond and correct exhaust manifold, thin body side and blank wheel house mouldings.
Please help me look for this oin the US.


Test Car #929.

One of the very few 2-door in the 100 car series.
Original reg. No. was RI Mfr.
A/C, this was one the two prototype installations (ARA). The other one was put on Norm Cards test car.
Car was used as test car at SSoA in Orange CT, Where I worked as VP, Purchasing & Logistics at that time. Bought it in 1979 as the first private owner. Brought it back to Sweden in 1980, where it has been driven only occassionly.
Plan to have it up and running again by 2012 ?.

Also just recently bought a sister car to this one (#924) which needs a lot of body treatment.

Personal Notes

This is a US spec car and your question about the difference between US and EU spec can be answered as this:
US cars had the Dual sealed beams instead of the Rectanguar EU lights. Also m/77 was the world introduction of 3-way catalysts w/ Lambda sensors for CA. Europe had to wait until m/88b. There was also an extra rubber member between bodyshell (front & rear) and the bumpers for meeting new US crash regs as well as small red reflexes on the rear fenders on Sedan variants for the US.
The 2- and 3-door Turbo test cars were modified from EMS spec, whereas 4- and 5-door ones (EU only) were modified GLE´s and GL,s (police version).
Would like to know if there are any 2-door Turbos left in the US?