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Not for everyone. Essential to a few.

In 1978 Saab effectively repositioned the use of turbo technology and itself as a company with the introduction of the Saab 99 Turbo.

Saab 99 Turbo

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The mission of this website is to document as many of the remaining Saab 99 Turbos as possible through the help of owners and enthusiasts. To see our current list visit our SAAB 99 TURBO REGISTRY. We are including the 100 pre-production 1977 test models that were sent over for press and testing purposes (and later sold to the public) prior to the actual launch.

Saab 99 Turbo

Saab 99 Turbo Member Registry Updates

39 Saab 99 Turbos

One of our members currently has 39 - YES, THIRTY-NINE - Saab 99 Turbos. We have both worked throughout December to get them added to the Registry and finally have all 39 on there. View the listings here.. We still need to add some photos and other missing details. Will add more about these cars soon in my Saab Addicted series.


High Mileage Leaders (Total Kilometers 5,052,186)

An average of 505,219 kilometers per car.
# Owner Country Kilometers Model Year
1 Jeff Henderson United States 820,765 1978
2 Nick Winterhalter 643,738 1978
3 Jukka Aromaa Finland 547,177 1980
4 Tim Winker United States 453,835 1977
5 Joakim Nyberg Sweden 450,616 1978
6 Tomas Vitasek Czech Republic 450,000 1979
7 Kalle Norto Finland 439,999 1978
8 Curt Peterson United States 438,165 1978
9 Trond Humborstad Norway 405,555 1978
10 Antti Koho Finland 402,336 1981

Did you know?

There is a band from Australia called 78 Saab.

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Billy Graham
Rocklin, CA is dedicated to Billy Graham, a young man who captured the passion of Saab owners. He certainly embodied our belief that SAABs are
Not for everyone. Essential to a few.
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