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Addicted: Saab 99 Turbo

December I’m dedicating my efforts to helping one of our members get all of his Saab 99 Turbos added to the Registry. It’s taking quite an effort because he has more than 30 Saab 99 Turbos. I’m curious if this is the biggest car collection of a specific make and model.

He’s asked to remain anonymous so you will find the listing under the name ‘Saab 99 Turbo Heritage.’ Here is the latest addition to the Registry, a black 1981, right-hand-drive Saab 99 Turbo originally from the UK.

While I love the hatch on my 1978 99 Turbo, there’s definitely something cool about the sloped back of these models. His photos really capture the beauty of the red interiors. Stay tuned for our daily additions to the list.

In closing, I welcome any comments about other fanatical Saab collectors out there. I’ve heard of some brothers in either Oregon or Washington who I believe collect old 2-stroke Saabs. Please share your stories.

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