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Saab Addicted – Chapter 3: Thirty-Nine Saab 99 Turbos

I noticed early on that Saab owners more than other auto fanatics are particularly known for liking to have multiple Saabs. I, for example, have 3 (I would have 4 but my wife made me sell my 1982 900 when I got my 99 – and actually I’d have even more, budget permitting).

Even among Saab owners, though we have a very special collection here. And finally, thanks to a serious effort by me and our member who prefers to be known only as “Saab 99 Turbo Heritage,” we now have all of his 39 (that’s thirty-nine!) Saab 99 Turbos on the Registry. Click here to see all 39 of our member Saab 99 Turbo Heritage’s Saab 99 Turbos.

Next on our list is to complete adding photos for every car and also to complete any missing information, mostly mileage. I appreciate everything this member has been teaching me about these cars. As I said to him, I only discovered the 99 Turbos in 2005, so I still have a lot to learn. Adding his cars has given me an opportunity to continue learning more and more about the nuances of the various 99 Turbos that are out there.

One of my favorite cars is the first Saab 99 Turbo he bought that started the bug of what is certainly the largest collection in the world. I’m especially looking forward to getting the photos of that special 99 Turbo on there.


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